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Best Supplements for Esports: Gaming & Focus Supplements


TOP 3 Esports/Mental Focus Supplements

The growing sport of gaming (esports) has slowly started to integrate itself with other big businesses and products ranging from Toyota, Dell and Insane Labz. 

The team at Pinnacle Performance love all things gaming, especially myself. 

So i figured i would write a review on some of the products i use myself and many of my friends and gaming affiliates use also. 

These products below are formulated to enhance mental focus and cognition to aid in problem solving and keeping switched on for longer periods of time so that makes them very flexible in their use. They can be used for things ranging from improving work flow and productivity, increased focus for study and enhancing gaming performance via improved cognitive function. 


Insane Labz Insane Focus .gg



Best Supplements For Esports: Gaming & Focus SupplementsBest Supplements For Esports: Gaming & Focus Supplements
Best Supplements For Esports: Gaming & Focus Supplements









It's noticeable within minutes the amount of focus that this product provides, it definitely kicks in fast which is exactly what you want. From personal experience i found a full serve provides a solid couple of hours of focus to really optimise work flow and dial in for study, gaming or intense work periods. The is no crash which was fantastic as it is well known the crash that mainstream energy drinks is definitely quite horrible so it was a pleasant surprise to know i wasn't going to feel like i was hit by a truck after a few hours of using the product 



Definitely a staple in many students and gamers arsenal to aid in their productivity and focus. A personal favourite and one of the most popular and well rounded products when it comes to focus and concentration.


Value for money on this product is amazing coming in at under $1.9 a serve making in far outweigh any energy drink on the market and providing a much higher dose of the ingredients we want like L-Tyrosine, caffeine and vitamin B12.





MYOBLOX Skywalk 

Best Supplements For Esports: Gaming & Focus Supplements



A personal favourite of mine ever since i started utilising it a few month ago. In comparison to Insane Focus it is much stronger regarding the amount of stimulants in the product so this is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Many nights this product has got me through huge work loads with crazy amounts of focus and concentration i have referred to this product multiple times as my secret weapon ! 

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get the edge on business, study or gamin situations. The product itself isn't promoted for "gaming" as such but i can assure you it works amazing as its nootropic formula utilises the same fundamentals as insane focus + more.



An amazing clincally dosed mental focus pre WORK! supplement. The pricing is great at $1.9 a serve it crushes it on the value for money especially when you look at the formula and see 1500mg L tyrosin and 400mg of alpha GPC you know you are going to have the laser like focus you need to get SHIT done. Caffeine comes from a patented source of caffeine called "RealCaf" and is dosed at 200mg per scoop which may be high for some so potential test with a half scoop first. Comes in 3 amazing flavours and overall is an amazing product and a must try ! 


 Teacrine (Primaforce)

Best Supplements For Esports: Gaming & Focus Supplements


Teacrine, more specifically Primaforce Teacrine is a patented ingredient formulated by the legends at compound solutions. It is a product i have used for an extended period of time main as an ingredient in my pre workout from products like kraken & DVST8. Although i definitely have tested it as a stand alone ingredient and can definitely say the mental focus enhancement is very noticeable. Teacrine would be perfect for anyone who gets anxiety from caffeine and other stimulants. 



The perfect supplement for improving workflow and focus for someone trying to avoid caffeine. 120 serves in a container at $49.95 so it works out to be insane value for money at less then 50c a serve. 

If you get anxious from caffeine but are looking to get the edge in study, work or gaming then teacrine is definitely worth giving a go ! 

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