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Choosing The Right Protein Powder For You 

With so many proteins on the market choosing the right protein powder for you can sometimes be a daunting task so we are here to help you make the best decision when choosing your protein powder. 
Wheter you are looking to build lean muscle, lose weight or gain weight we will run through all of the possible options available to you at Pinnacle Performance. 

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Choosing The Right Protein Powder For You

Today we're going to run through how to choose the right protein for you it's a common question i get asked a lot in the shop and online when people are kind of looking to buy a protein powder but they're not 100 sure on what we're about to go down because there's a lot of different types of protein that you can choose from so today we're going to explain each one and then you will be able to kind of make the decision yourself on what route you want to head down.

First off we have our whey protein blends so these are generally a mixture of a whey protein isolate and a whey protein concentrate a whey protein isolate being the most pure form of protein yielding the highest amount of protein per gram having no lactose and just generally being a higher quality protein source and then it's blended with whey protein concentrate which is slightly down from that so that still contains some lactose it's more natural than a whey protein isolate because it goes through less filtration processes and these two mix together generally make a more like creamier thicker protein source still has a great amino acid profile still very lean so low carb low fat very high protein the carbohydrate content from this generally just comes from the lactose that naturally occurring milk sugar in there and this is normally my go-to recommendation just based on like cost-effectiveness and also the thickness that it mixes that if people are making smoothies mixing it with oats putting it with cereal it generally has a much nicer consistency than a lot of the other proteins and from a taste perspective it's the most easiest to flavor you generally get a lot of cool flavors like  with ghosts doing their like chop chip chocolate chip cookie with like their chips ahoy collaboration um and then you know obviously gold standard being famous for how great their flavors are so this is normally my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a lean protein that tastes great.

The next protein is going to be our whey protein isolate so just like our whey protein blends these are obviously dairy based as well although they are leaner as they have more of the lactose filtered out of them so they're very very low carb very very low fat and it's still super high protein as mentioned they're the highest yielding protein per gram of any protein powder having the best amino acid profile generally the fastest absorbing the highest quality but obviously with that comes the increase in price so these ones can still taste amazing and they always do for the most part but they mix much more watery so generally if you're using them in a base of like oats and stuff like that you'll find that it gives it a much more watery consistency obviously that's just based on the amount of filtration that the actual protein powder goes through so perfect to anyone that's looking for the leanest fast absorbing protein powder possible not great if you obviously do have a dairy intolerance even though a lot of these have less than 0.5 grams of lactose to no lactose in general still dairy based so still something to keep in consideration when you're picking your protein powder.

 Moving on to our gainers so i have next to me muscle maker there is a couple of dairy free options but we don't have any vegan base options if you're looking for like a dairy free gainer like meal replacement you could look at something like redcon1's mre but the one i have here with me and a lot of the other popular ones like serious mass or rule one's lbs or clean gainer they're all generally a whey protein blend with the additional carbohydrate sources like oats like sweet potato powder blueberry powder maltodextrin dextrose etc add it in to kind of give it more calories so if you're looking to gain weight you would be looking at something like one of these gains you generally use this multiple times a day as you're trying to essentially fill in gaps to put extra calories in there to actually help you gain weight gain muscle they do have a much uh heavier effect on your digestive system especially if you're going from not eating a lot of food to making the addition of something like a gainer as they use very like calorie dense ingredients in there and it's generally quite a big scoop you'll see in the actual powder itself comes in like a shovel size scoop so there's a lot of powder to adjust you want to kind of make sure that you're using these in a blender or quite a large shaker so you can mix them with more volume than what you normally would with say one of these other options but something like muscle maker real one lbs clean gainer serious mask they're all perfect if you're looking to gain weight you're looking for a more calorie dense protein powder then potentially some of the other options that we just ran through.

Vegan protein so these are generally one of the most popular protein powders that we sell and we have a bunch of different ones personal favorite being white wolf one thing to look for when you're buying a vegan protein is that you look for something that is a vegan protein blend as that's primarily going to be better than one source of a vegan or a plant-based protein you want to try and get a more varied amino acid profile in the actual product that you're getting so obviously being vegan these are dairy free and these ones are still lean as well so all of the ones that we have everything from combat reload to white wolf to switch nutrition they're all lean vegan protein powders and they're all vegan protein powder blends so they're going to have great amino acid profiles great digestibility and they all generally have some sort of addition in there as well like velocitol or some sort of digestive enzyme to provide some other sort of added benefit so if you're looking for something that's lean dairy free and vegan you'd look for something along the lines of nutrition

Collagen protein powders like collagen pro so these are a dairy-free protein these are sourced from bovine so they're not vegan even though they are dairy free but these are completely no carb completely no fat and they mix up like a cordial so they're great for anyone that you know likes that cordial based consistency to get their protein if they aren't a fan of what like a general protein powder would taste like the thing they take into consideration is they you can't cook with these you can use them in smoothies um even though a lot of them do come in more of like a fruit based flavor so generally great for people that like that kind of cardio based consistency still looking for something that's super lean and potentially that's something that's dairy free but not vegan.

Moving on to two products that i just wanted to give a special mention as alternative sources of protein powders that we have in here so the first one is a collagen pro jelly so if you're someone that's looking for a way to increase their daily protein intake but not you don't want it in a shake this literally mixes up like a normal sugar-free jelly so there's literally zero carb zero fat 15 grams of protein per serving it's just a good way that you can kind of get 15 grams of protein easy in a nice snack whether you're dieting or you just want something that's a little bit more convenient that you can have throughout your day this works out perfect we also have something like the muscle nation protein custard which is one of the like top selling products that we have in here which is another easy way that you can get some protein in this literally just mixes up like a custard you can heat it and eat it warm but it's two scoops in a bowl mixing it up into like a custard like consistency we have a video on our instagram that you'll be able to check out of me actually mixing this up so you guys can see but this is another great way if you're not someone that wants to drink protein you don't like the taste of general protein powders in liquid form it's another great alternative to get the daily protein intake up but still be low carb low fat as well so hopefully this video was helpful in helping you make the decision to choose the right protein for you.

As always we encourage that you reach out to us on social media or via email or the live chat on our website so we can give you more specific support i know sometimes when you shop it online it gets hard when you're looking at a lot of the nutritional panels a lot of the products look the same and you're not sure um you know what decision could be best for you that's why we're here that's why we implemented the live chat on our website that's why we're so active on all of our social media platforms is we're here to give you that support we want to make you help you make that like individual decision to get you the products that are best for you especially because there can be so many variances product to product even though they can be categorised the same just like we went through with our protein powders.

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