Gfuel Energy Cans Australia? When Are They Coming?

Gamma Labs Gfuel Energy cans are now available in Australia 


We have 4 Delicious Flavours Currently with more on the way 


- Sour Cherry

- Fazeberry 

- Rainbow Sherbet 

- Blue Ice 

Obviously tasting very similar to their Gfuel Energy Formula Counterpart.


 Pinnacle Performance will be the first retailers spreading the Gfuel energy cans to the Australian market so if you have purchased Gfuel through us you will receive the first access to the Gfuel Energy can launch in Australia. 

Until then Gfuel Energy will be available here in 11 delicious flavors 

Bahama Mama, Black On Blackberry, Peach Mango, Sour Blue, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon, Tropical Rain, FaZeberry,Cotton Candy, Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Ice.

Pinnacle Performance & Nutrition is still currently your #1 retailer for Gfuel In Australia at the cheapest price with free shipping. 

And once the gfuel energy RTDs/Cans arrive you are dang sure you will find them here online & instore ! 


 Check Out Our Video Review Here 



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  • Posted on by Hasan Shafquat

    Can you guys email me when it’s in Australia

  • Posted on by Tom Smyth

    Can you’s let me know by email when the Gfuel cans pre orders go live ??

  • Posted on by Frankie

    Hey there,

    I was wondering if there was any further news on the GFuel can stock?



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