GFUEL In Australia, The Product You Love Without The Wait..

GFUEL In Australia, The Product You Love Without The Wait..

The GFUEL Story 

The year is now 2008. A few of us guys are hanging out; playing CoD, eating pizza, listening to T-Pain…You know…Gaming and grinding! Matches are won and lost. The hours fly by. Our eyes are beginning to tire. The pizza adrenaline is wearing off. Our hands are aching. We turn to the only thing we know capable of helping us in such a crisis – A case of sugar-filled energy drinks! We grab em’, crack em’ open, and down em’ like our lives depended on it! We then felt a sudden rush of energy! Our lifeblood had been restored! “Let the grind commence!” we said! But then, without any warning…we crashed! The energy we once had was now gone! The grind was no more! Our huddled bodies lie helplessly on the living room floor…It was an energy drink crash…
The year is now 2012…The crash was so intense, it took 4 years off of our lives. We decided to have a meeting – A meeting that would soon change the course of energy drinks as we once knew them! “There must be another way! There must be a better way! We must find the way!!!” we said! And so we did! With months of unrelenting research, top-secret experiments, and the application of advanced mathematics and science – We had, in one full scoop, created The Energy Drink of Tomorrow, The Official Energy Drink of eSports, AND The Original Energy Formula of Gaming! What we created was G FUEL ENERGY FORMULA!

The GFUEL Australia Story 

The year is 2019 and the land down under has had enough of suffering the U.S. conversion rate and waiting weeks for shipping ! 

Pinnacle Performance & Nutrition steps up to the plate to provide Australia with access it not only wants but deserves. We are your Australian GFUEL retailer offering free shipping & the best prices to all across the country. 

 The Pinnacle team shares your passion for gaming growing up and to this day playing games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch and Call Of Duty. 

Our Goal for 2020 is to educate and inspire the gaming community to pursue a step forward towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle just as i did for myself. I want to be the guidance people need/want to step forward in the right direction when someone decides to make adjustments to their nutrition or sign up to a gym. 

We share the fun, community driven GFUEL does so well in the U.S and we hope we can keep that same energy in Australia. 


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