Guide to safe pre workouts & fat burners for Australian Defence Force

Guide to safe pre workouts & fat burners for Australian Defence Force

A guide to safe pre-workouts and fat burners for Australian defense force

Australian defense force (ADF) is known for fitness and strength, but it is always tough to analyze what these strong beings are allowed to have regarding supplementations to achieve fitness peaks.

It can be hard to know what is allowed and what is not allowed regarding supplements when serving in the ADF (Australian Defence Force). Below are some products that at the time of the blog displayed no banned substances when referencing the WADA Banned Substance List.  Reference with an on duty medical professional is recommended prior to utilising any sports supplements while serving in the ADF (Australian Defence Force). 

Below are a list of products specifically for people trying to improve energy, performance in the gym, mental focus and burn fat ! 

These are products which are banned substance free both in America & Australia and don't contain any of the substances such as stimulants like DMHA, DMAA & yohimbine which are the main ingredients you want to be avoiding. 

In my time as a PT & sports nutritionist i have worked with many individuals in the defense force / applying for the defence force. Many of which used multiple of the below products. So please shoot us an email or call the store if you need advice on any of the below or other products. 

Guide to safe pre workouts & fat burners for Australian Defence Force

  • What are DEFENCE FORCE SAFE pre-workouts?

As the name shows, pre-workouts are taken before a workout session to boost energy to perform better during a workout. Majorly, these are fine powders to mix in water and take a right before a gym session. Majorly they have ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, Creatinine, or different sorts of amino acids to give the needed push for a powerful gym session.  Defense force safe pre-workouts are products that do not contain any substance that's intake is prohibited in the Defence force. Many pre-workouts are present in the market, but Dragon Breathe Black, DVST8 BBD, and Disorder Pre-Workout are few considered safe to use by the Australian defense force.

  • Dragons Breath Black:

Dragon Breath Black is a balanced formula for a few useful vitamins and caffeine to give a kick to start your day fresh and provide you with dense energy to have a powerful day at the gym. Due to this formula, Dragon Breathe Black provides you with many benefits like weight/fat loss, improves focus and mental health, and last but most importantly, it provides you the strength to give your best during your gum sessions.

  • DVST8 BBD:

DVST8 BBD is considered to be one of the most strength offering pre-workouts present days.  DVST8 BBD serves 375mg of caffeine each scoop. DVST8 BBD contains English walnut, which provides extra strength and power for working out.

  • Disorder Pre-Workout:

Disorder Pre-Workout has 250mg caffeine and L-Citrulline Malate 6grams along with 3.2 grams Beta-Alanine. Caffeine provides peaks of energy, whereas L-Citrulline Malate improves mental health and increases endurance. Beta-Alanine present in Disorder gives strength, endurance and increases muscle mass.

defence force safe fat burners

  • What are DEFENCE FORCE SAFE fat burners?

Fat burners are nutritional supplements that help one lose weight fast by increasing metabolism or energy expenditure. Fat burners also increase fat oxidation during exercise. This is the major reason it should be taken 15 to 20mins before a training session to benefit. Defense force safe fat burners are products that do not contain any substance that's intake is prohibited in the Defence force. In a huge list of fat burners, few are considered Defence force safe such as Fireball Fat Burner, Deficit, and incinerate fat burner.

  • Fireball Fat Burner:

Fireball fat burner is a very potent fat burner to boost energy and up-regulate the metabolism to help the body access and burn body fat efficiently. 60 serves of Fireball fat burner provides amazing value for money and amazing results in weight loss. One to pick up if you are looking to cut weight for your fitness test or support your weight loss-orientated goal when serving in the Defence Force. Featuring scientifically validated dosages of key weight loss ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee Bean Extract, Grains of Paradise, Banaba Leaf, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, and a unique never-before-seen neurosensory blend featuring six different types of caffeine, it just doesn't get better. Fireball burns fat, tones your physique, reduces your appetite and increases your energy levels now.

  • Deficit Fat Burner:

Deficit contains an amazing formula with green tea extracts, Ashwagandha, cocoabuterol, green coffee bean extract, caffeine anhydrous, and a lot more. Deficit maximizes the strength during training sessions along with appetite suppression, sharp focus, and improved cognition.

  • Incinerate Fat Burner:

With a huge dose of 325mg of caffeine, Incinerate increases the metabolism that helps in weight loss. Along with weight loss, Incinerate increases energy and improves focus, which helps perform hardcore training and long gym hours. All these benefits of Incinerate help to shred stubborn body fat.

If you are a part of the ADF you are eligible for a discount please contact us via email or phone to learn how to apply it. 


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