GFUEL Can - Pre Workout

    GFUEL Can


    GFUEL Cans (Individual)


    GFUEL in a can say what !! 

    It's time to level up and take your favourite energy formula from a powder to a convenient can. These GFUEL cans do not disappoint 

    Amazing formula, amazing taste stacked into a convenient lightly carbonated 16oz can beverage to increase your mental focus, energy and reaction times. 

    The lineup features a proprietary combination of the following key ingredients:

    • 300 milligrams of PurCaf® organic caffeine
    • S7™, a blend of seven plant-based ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide by 230%
    • Assorted vitamins, such as B6 and B12
    • Suntheanine™, 100% pure L-Theanine
    • goBHB®, a ready-to-use ketone body
    • And the amino acid L-Tyrosine -- with zero sugar and zero calories.

    The result is enhanced gaming performance due to increased energy, extreme focus, and improved reaction time, all without the crash that’s associated with sugary energy drinks.

      0 SUGAR

      Unlike our “competitors” who rely on loads of sugar to provide you with a false sense of energy, we don’t – Which means zero “crash”.

      0 CALORIES

      Because zero calories means zero regret.


      Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed worldwide. The primary benefit is that of cognitive function stimulation - Essentially giving your mind a “jump start” when it needs it most.


      Our addition of a focus amino provides you with a unique edge that most other drinks on the market cannot.


      Benefits of Ketones include stress reduction, boosted endurance, enhanced focus & thought processing.


      Our new ready-to-drink formula contains contains turmeric + green tea + kale + broccoli + blueberry extracts

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester