Pinnacle Performance Neoprene Lifting Belts
We are proud to bring you the pinnacle performance neoprene lifting belt. The perfect adjustable, lightweight belt for all workouts. Wether you are doing crossfit, powerlifting or regular hypertrophy training this is the belt you need. This adjustable lifting belt...
$69.95 $30.00
Vantage Strength Leather Weight Lifting Belt - Black
 Support your back with the Vantage Strength Weight Lifting Belt. Made from premium leather for long lasting comfort and performance. If you're doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc, a good strong weight lifting belt is essential for maintaining correct posture...
Sold Out
Vantage Dip Belt
Vantage Strength Dip Belts are constructed from a strong, lightweight neoprene that provides great comfort for heavy lifting. Complete with chain and snap hook to attach weight plates safely, allowing you to dip beyond your bodyweight. Key Features Constructed from...
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