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Giant Sports GIANT PUMP


  • Insane vasodialtion formula
  • Great value for money
  • Improve nutrient delivery


  • Tropical Punch
  • Red Raspberry
  • Unflavoured
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Pump products are a dime a dozen these days and more often than not they are loaded with multiple ingredients which are competing for the same pathway or receptors. In this category less is more for two reasons. 1) Less pathway and receptor competition 2) Generally a pump supplement is secondary to a primary stimulant based pre-workout. So with these key points taken into consideration Giant Sports International took a simple but highly effective approach to this market category with Giant Pump – Next Generation.

From the perspective of a gym junkie we are always chasing the “THE PUMP”. This is simply an increase in blood flow to the working muscles. Why is this so important to us?
1) It helps to increase nutrient and oxygen delivery to your muscles so you can lift heavier for longer.
2) It helps to remove waste products from your muscles so you can recovery faster and build up stronger.
3) It helps to boost anabolic hormones through signalling pathways that ultimately improve your physique.
4) Most of all… It feels good and looks great!

In order to increase vasodilation, we need to increase eNOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) and reduce ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). eNOS has the ability to convert Arginine and Nitrates into NO (Nitric Oxide). NO then signals the endothelium (lining of the blood vessels) to relax and let more blood (thus nutrients and oxygen) through to your muscles. ROS is a free radical (bad guy) that is produced during exercise to lower NO. The human body has a lot of balance and checks. If you boost your metabolism your body tries to stabilize it by increasing your appetite. In the same way when you increase vasodilation (NO) it tries to counter by producing ROS. How do we hack this system in our favour…?

Giant Pump Next Generation is Gluten Free and is guaranteed free of any banned substances. Giant Pump Next Generation has been manufactured using the highest quality trademarked and patented ingredients and produced in a facility that is NSF & GMP certified.

Giant Pump Next Generation truly is the next generation of Pump (Non Stim) supplements. It takes an effective and simple approach to a complex problem and delivers the ultimate “PUMP” that you will see and feel repeatedly. Giant Sports International has kept Giant Pump Next Generation affordable so everyone can experience the best vasodilation supplement on the market.


Tropical punch, Red raspberry, Unflavoured


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