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Exercise Reps Sets Rest S

Wide grip pull ups


5 Sets

90 second rest

Start this workout by pushing your body to failure. In this exercise you will perform 5 sets of wide grip pull ups until failure. Make sure that you are squeezing your back on every rep. Make sure your form is strict, no swinging and no half pulls ups.

Seated weight plate machine row

20, 15, 12, 15, 20 reps

5 sets

90 second rest

In exercise two its time to row! You will be performing single arm rows on the seated weight plate row machine. You will increase and decrease the weights as you perform each set. Make sure that you that you squeeze your lat for 1 second on each rep. Control the tempo and don't let your body swing.

Close grip pull downs

Super set

Straight arm bar pull downs




30 reps




5 sets

2 minute rest  

Using a V handle, bring the bar down, touching your chest. Hold on your chest for 2 seconds with a 1 second negative. Immediately jump and super set this exercise with straight arm pull downs using a straight bar for 15 reps. Keep your hands as wide as they can go with a slight bend of the back. Make sure the weight is not too heavy and control each reps with 2 second squeeze at the bottom with a 2 second negative.

Wide grip pull downs

15, 12, 10, 8

4 Sets

90 Seconds

In this exercise you are aiming to focus on the squeeze. Make sure that you do not swing your back as you get heavier. Keep your at a slight bend and bring the bar down to your chest, squeezing each rep for 3 seconds.

One arm T-bar row dropset

30 reps

3 sets

1 minute rest

Stand with your leg in line with the edge of the bar. Hold the edge of the bar with your back bent at 90 degrees and perform a row. Complete 10 reps, drop the weight, complete 10 reps more reps and drop the weight for a final 10 reps.  

Kneeling cable pull down

20 reps

3 sets

1 minute rest

Before starting this exercise position your body in the middle of the cable machine with the cables at the highest point. Bring your arms down by squeezing your lats close together. Make sure you squeeze all the way in until it feels like your lats will explode like a balloon.

Seated close grip row drop set

15, 12, 10, 8, 6

2 sets

3 minute rest

To finish this back we are going to perform a huge drop set. Using a V bar you are going to complete 4 drop sets back to back with no rest. Start on a weight you can just get 15 reps out on and then start to drop. I want you to focus on keeping the tension and blood in your back by not fully extending your arms all the way down. Being with 15 reps then lower the weight and do 12 reps, lower the weight once again, complete 10 reps. Lower the weight two more times by completing reps of 8 and 6.