Boulder Shoulders


Exercise Reps Sets Rest

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Giant Set

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Giant Set

Banded Pull Aparts

10 Reps



20 Reps



30 Reps

4 sets

90 Seconds

Before starting the workout, ensure you have properly warmed up your shoulders and all the muscles that support the shoulders. Examples of this will be internal and external rotator cuff exercises, as well as lighter weight versions of the exercises used throughout the workout.

This workout will consist mostly of high intensity, high volume exercises so be ready to push yourself and your shoulders to the limit.

Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press

Giant Set

Dumbbell Upright Rows

Giant Set

Lying Incline Rear Delt Row

12 Reps



12 Reps



12 Reps

4 Sets

60 seconds

Again another Giant set aimed at targeting the anterior, lateral and posterior muscles of the shoulders. Pick a weight that you can use throughout the entire set without having to put the weight down.

No rest until all the exercises of the giant set have been completed.

Rope Cable Front Raise

Giant Set

Cable Lateral Raise

Giant Set

Face Pull (with Rope)

20 Reps Each

2 Sets

60 seconds

All 3 of these exercises can be completed on the cables to really burn out the shoulders and provide the constant tension that cables provide.


Dumbbell Shrugs

50+ Reps

1 Set

0 Seconds

Pick a slightly heavier weight that you can get atleast 6+ reps with and go until failure, once you have done this, grab a lighter weight and repeat until failure, repeat this 5 more times of going to failure and decreasing the weight until theres no other lighter weights on the dumbbell rack.

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