Chest Insanity

Chest Insanity

Chest Insanity

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Notes

Barbell Bench Press

8-12 reps

5 sets


First set of 12 reps pick a weight in which you think you'll fail the next rep, then as you progress through the sets increase the weight and decrease the reps.

The 5th and final set should be around 8 reps, with the most weight so you're failing around this rep range.

Incline Dumbbell Press

21 reps

3 sets

90 secs

Choose a weight slightly lighter than your usual incline dumbbell press.

Start with 7 reps with one arm whilst the other is in the extended position, then repeat with the other arm, once you've done both arms perform another 7 reps with both arms to complete 21 reps in total.

Dumbbell Fly

Super Set

Hex Press

12 reps

3 sets

90 secs

Flat bench dumbbell flys with a comfortable weight for 12 reps, straight into Hex press with the same dumbbells for 12 more reps.

Cable Crossovers

10 reps

3 sets

1 min

Drop Set. Pick a weight that you won't be able to perform any more than the required reps with. Once you fail at this weight, drop the weight lighter by 10% or one pin on the machine, then repeat for another 2 x 10 reps for a total of 30 reps.

Make sure you squeeze your hands together for 2 secs at the top of each rep.

Machine Chest Press/Push Up

10-1 reps

10 sets

0 rest

Back to back sets working from 10 reps of machine press, followed by 10 push ups. And repeat with 9,8,7 reps etc all the way down to 1 rep of each, not taking a break until the whole set is finished.