Death by Leg Press

Death by Leg Press


Exercise Reps Sets Rest

Leg Press

150 Reps

2 Sets

3 mins

DEATH BY LEG PRESS- Start with 1 plate a side for 10 reps, up the weight to 2 plates per side for another 20 reps, place another plate per side and perform 30 reps, again add another plate for 4 plates per side for 40 reps and finally add a 5th plate per side for a total of 50 reps on the last set. You may not leave the leg press until all 150 reps have been completed, you may rest in the chair while your partner loads your weights and have small rests in between as long as you do not leave the machine until all reps are complete. Let your partner have their turn and repeat the entire set 1 more time.

Bodyweight Walking Lunges

1 Minute rounds

3 sets

90 seconds

Continuous walking lunges for 1 min without stopping. You may add weight in the form of dumbbells etc if you feel the need. Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Bodyweight Pulse Squats

Super Set

Isometric Squat Holds

20 reps



30 seconds

3 sets

60 seconds

Perform 20 pulse squats either body weight only or with weight. Then hold in the squat position for 30 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat another 2 times.

Machine Leg Extension

Super Set

Machine Lying Leg Curl

15 reps each

3 Sets

60 Seconds

Back to Back. 15 reps of each exercise at a RPE of 8 or a weight where you could only squeeze 2 reps maximum more if you had too. Squeeze each rep for 2 seconds at the top.

Standing Calf Raises

60 reps

4 sets

60 seconds

If you have access to a standing calf raise machine add weight to that or perform on a platform with weights on your hands or a barbell on your back. Perform 20 reps toes out, 20 reps toes straight ahead, 20 reps toes in. Repeat for 4 sets in total.