Deck of Death Workout

Deck of Death Workout

Deck of Death Workout

With your training partner you are going to grab a deck of cards, remove the jokers, shuffle and split the deck in half, leaving you with 26 cards in total.

Once you place the deck face down, you will grab a card from the top of the deck.

Whatever number card you get that's how many reps of your chosen weight you will do. Picture cards = 10 reps.

You must then complete the required reps in one set, you may rest pause with the weight, but you cannot rack the weight until you've hit your required amount of reps.

Your rest period is determined by how ever long it takes your partner to complete their set. Once they have completed their set, grab another card and repeat immediately until you and your partner have completed 13 sets each, totalling 26 sets.

Exercise Reps Sets Rest

Barbell Back Squats

Max 10 reps per set

13 Sets per person


For the weight we suggest using a weight that will challenge you for 10 reps on your first set. For example this could be around 100-120 kg for males and 50-60 kg for females but that's completely up to the individual and your training experience.