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Whats The Program?

The goal of this program is to improve strength and muscle growth through proven training methods with the support of coaches & accountability provided via the app. Maximising your potential for results.

This Program is not for beginners and it is recommended that you have an intermediate level of exercise / training knowledge.

(understand how to calculate %, competent free weight exercise execution, ability to maintain accountable to a 4 day training split)

Delivered Via App

The Pinnacle Performance Program is delivered via an app that allows you to track your progression such as weight/load volume/measurements all of which can be monitored and referenced by a coach.

Maximises Progression

As you progress through the program the app will track your weights and set targets for coming weeks to ensure you are progressing in your strength goal

Strength Program Landing Page

3 Phase Program

This is a 12 week, 3 phase strength program. It is designed to improve your overall strength through a variety of compound and accessory movements utilising the fundamentals of progressive overload and optimising recovery.

12 Week Support

Over the 12 weeks you will have access to a messaging centre with a coach to allow you to ask any questions and get the support you need

The Layout

Strength Program Landing Page

Phase By Phase Week By Week

Your training plan can be viewed phase by phase week by workout. Loads change weekly/fortnightly and workouts change every 4 weeks.

Strength Program Landing Page


The calendar view allows you to see future workouts, workouts missed and review your completed workouts. Coaches will also see this layout

Strength Program Landing Page


Every movement, every set will be tracked and the app will provide recommendations for your loading on future exercises, calculate 1RMs and display your total workout volume.

Also each exercise will have video explanation and description to provide understanding of how to execute the movement

Strength Program Landing Page

Invest In New Training Knowledge & Progression

Learn New Training Knowledge

Stay Accountable

Improve Strength & Msucle Growth

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Your Coaches

Tyson Maher & Ethan Clarke

Between the two of us we spent alot of time putting this program together, trialling it ourselves & constantly making adjustments to ensure we could provide a high intensity, effective 12 week training split. Ethan hosting a sports science degree and myself holding qualifications in both strength training, personal training, Olympic lifting and more we put our heads together and this absolute monstrosity was born. Definitely not a program for the faint heared