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  • Increase sleep quality
  • Enhance energy levels
  • GMO Free


Getting essential nutrients in our diets are becoming harder and harder.  The typical Western diet is very low in vegetables which is where most minerals are found, and those who are eating more vegetables than the average person generally do not consume organically grown vegetables but more hydroponically grown vegetables typically found in supermarkets.

Sure, there are many pros in hydroponically grown vegetables such as that it saves you space, water, having to weed the garden, and fewer pests and disease.  But you miss out on the soil organisms that sit on the roots of soil-grown organic vegetables that are essential for other aspects of health.

Consider that if you are an athlete, exercising more than the average person, or just generally busier than most people, that you are likely to be using a lot more essential nutrients than the average couch potato.

Especially minerals.

Minerals are obtained mainly from plant sources, especially organic plant sources.  Deficiencies in minerals are becoming more prevalent in Western diets and have been associated with many common disorders and disease symptoms.  Many processing techniques employed today in modern food preparation deplete foods of vital nutrients which include minerals and is one of the main reasons processed foods have to be fortified with minerals.  Zinc is one of the most dominant minerals used in the fortification of foods these days due to it being deficient in most processed foods.

That is why at ATP Science we specifically formulated Z-MAG, to provide essential minerals for some very important metabolic processes such as:


  • Promoting energy levels

  • Muscle relaxation which would benefit many systems such as the musculoskeletal system and supporting cardiovascular system health

  • Increasing the quality of sleep

  • Decreasing muscle pains and aches

  • Helping mild relaxation

  • Helping bone mineralisation


Results with Z-MAG

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is an important mineral needed to regulate other minerals such as vitamin D and calcium, but probably its best-known function would be as a muscle relaxant, thus its inclusion in electrolyte formulas to help with mild cramps, spasms, and tight muscles.

Magnesium bound to a citrate molecule has a role to play in energy production, bone mass and it may help relieve nervous tension.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the Western world which is worrying as zinc is essential in hundreds of enzymatic reactions.  It also plays an important role in immune function, which may help fight illnesses.


Organic Selenium

Selenium exists in two forms namely inorganic selenium (selenate and selenite) found in soil and organic selenium (selenomethionine and selenocysteine) found in plants after it has been taken up by the plant root system and converted into the organic form.

ATP Science Z-MAG contains the organic form of selenium important in immune system function.



Taurine is considered a semi-essential nutrient because it is abundant in meat and most humans do consume meat.   Because of this reason if you do not eat meat regularly you will be lacking in Taurine.

Taurine is needed to keep magnesium inside the cells and calcium outside the cells which are needed for healthy muscle contraction but is also the most abundant amino acid found in leukocytes which forms part of the immune system and is needed to fight illnesses.



Each bottle of Z-MAG contains 60 capsules.

Each capsule of Z-MAG contains:

Magnesium Citrate (100mg elemental Magnesium)

Zinc gluconate (2.5mg elemental Zinc)

Organic Selenium yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (6.25mcg elemental Selenium)

Taurine 25mg


Benefits of ATP Science Z-MAG

ATP Science Z-MAG is a therapeutic product formulated with a combination of ingredients that have been found to:


  • Enhance/promote energy levels

  • Maintain/support energy levels

  • Helps convert (state food) into energy

  • Maintain/support energy production

  • Helps enhance/promote body energy reserves

  • Helps enhance/promote bone health

  • Aids/assists healthy bone development/growth/building

  • Helps enhance/promote bone mass/density

  • Helps enhance/promote bone healing/repair

  • Help maintain/support bone mineralisation

  • Maintain/support cardiovascular system health

  • Maintain/support healthy cardiovascular system function

  • Maintain/support heart health

  • Helps maintain/support vasodilator/ blood vessel dilation

  • Helps enhance/promote artery health

  • Maintain/support artery health

  • Enhance/improve/promote immune defence/immunity

  • Helps enhance/improve/promote immune system function

  • Maintain/support healthy immune system function

  • Maintain/support immune system to fight illness

  • Helps stimulate a healthy immune system response

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle cramps

  • Helps decrease/reduce/relieve mild muscle spasms/twitches

  • Maintain/support muscle health

  • Helps enhance/promote healthy muscle function

  • Maintain/support muscle function

  • Enhance/improve/promote/increase muscle relaxation

  • Maintain/support muscle relaxation

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle pain/ache/soreness

  • Reduce/relieve muscle tension/stiffness

  • Relieve muscle tiredness

  • Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase muscle performance/endurance/stamina

  • Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase muscle fuel-burning efficiency

  • Aid/assist/helps mind relaxation

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve restlessness/excess nervous energy

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve nervous tension/unrest

  • Maintain/support cognitive function/mental function

  • Maintain/support general mental wellbeing

  • Aid/assist/helps the synthesis of neurotransmitters

  • Maintain/support nervous system health

  • Maintain/support nervous system function

  • Enhance/promote/increase refreshing sleep

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve sleeplessness

  • Decrease/reduce/relieve disturbed/restless sleep

  • Enhance/promote/increase healthy sleep patterns

  • Maintain/support healthy sleeping patterns

  • Enhance/improve/promote/increase sleep quality/deep sleep


Each bottle of Z-MAG contains 60 capsules.

Each capsule of Z-MAG contains:

Magnesium Citrate (100mg elemental Magnesium)

Zinc gluconate (2.5mg elemental Zinc)

Organic Selenium yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (6.25mcg elemental Selenium)

Taurine 25mg


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Q. Can magnesium be taken with other minerals such as zinc and selenium?

A. Early studies reported that increasing calcium in the diet significantly depressed Mg2+ absorption. The same depressive effect on Mg2+ absorption was shown with excess phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese and zinc. However, in these studies, un-physiological (super-high) doses of the minerals were used.

When these substances are consumed within a physiological range, such as present in a regular diet or ZMST there is no inhibition. For example, long-term Mg2+ balance studies with calcium doses >1000 mg/d did not produce a negative effect on Mg2+ uptake. Other research demonstrated in a human study with 26 adolescent girls that high calcium intake (1667 mg/d) had no relevant impact on measures of Mg2+ utilization, including the absorption rate or urinary or faecal excretion. Likewise, a balance study with adolescent girls showed that high calcium intake (1800 mg/d) did not alter Mg2+ kinetics or balance compared to a calcium intake of 800 mg/d.


Q. Magnesium Citrate – What is it good for?

A. Magnesium citrate is around 15% magnesium and 85% citrate. It is not just a ‘magnesium’ supplement.

The great thing about this form is that the ‘citrate’ has beneficial effects in the body also.

Citrate forms of minerals aid in;

  • Flushing toxins
  • Alkalising the body
  • Binding and eliminating oxalate crystals
  • Contributes to the citric acid/ Kreb’s cycle, which is our cellular energy production pathway

Q. What Zinc does for us

A. As mentioned earlier with magnesium, the zinc and magnesium enzymes are needed almost every time you break something down to raw materials and building blocks or build something new in your body. It is a structural component in proteins and it is involved in numerous cellular functions include, but are not limited to, cell proliferation and differentiation, RNA and DNA synthesis, stabilization of cell structures/membrane, as well as redox regulation, and apoptosis.

Many chronic diseases have been associated with zinc deficiency, such as: type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and depression. There are also links between zinc deficiency and acute and chronic several infectious diseases such as shigellosis, acute cutaneous leishmaniosis, malaria, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis, measles, and pneumonia.


Q. How is ZMST different to ZMA? Do I need both?

A. ZMST contains zinc and magnesium as does ZMA but also contains the essential cofactor selenium. The enzymes that use zinc and magnesium and the functional actions enhanced by their supplementation need selenium. If there is a selenium deficiency they cannot function properly and ZMA cannot work as planned. Selenium deficiency is very common and is a cause for a lot of metabolic defects in today’s society.

Taurine regulates calcium and magnesium activity and movement of magnesium, taurine deficiency will also prevent magnesium from moving effectively into cells. If taurine deficient ZMA cannot work as planned.

ZMST uses Magnesium citrate instead of magnesium aspartate. The magnesium aspartate molecule is approximately 85% L-aspartate and the aspartate has functions in the body for vasodilation and hormonal support but is rarely deficient and the excess does not force change but will contribute to the stored aspartate pool. Magnesium citrate is about 80% citrate and the citrate has a lot of biological functions such as alkalizing, energy production pathways, crystal removal and aids absorption.

You don’t need to take both as ZMA will supply only zinc and magnesium but not the necessary cofactors and the only difference then is a small amount of L-aspartate from the MA part of ZMA that is not in a large enough dose to induce change and only enough to top up and prevent deficiency but aspartate is rarely deficient so effects are negligible.