Kraken Pump Non Stim Pre Workout

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  • Caffeine Free
  • Increase Blood Flow And Nutrient Delivery 
  • Doesn't Effect Sleep
  • Bombsicle
  • Rainbow Candy

All too often people chase the stimulant in a pre-workout and forget about the importance of nutrient delivery and vasodilatory optimisation. Sparta Kraken Pump provides a 100% stimulant free, intensified pump matrix designed not only to make you train harder but grow faster as well!

  • Insane Pumps
  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Performance

Strategically designed to achieve complete anaerobic performance enhancement, Kraken Pump combines clinically researched ingredients in clinically efficacious doses.

If you want to maximise muscle growth you need to synergistically focus on increasing absolute strength, total volume and metabolic fatigue, of which all of these systems will be stressed positively with the use of Kraken Pump pre workout.

Core Ingredients


Following consumption, L-Citrulline passes through the stomach with minimal degradation before increasing the biosynthesis of Arginine levels in the liver, which is an amino acid responsible for increasing nitric oxide levels. Supplementing with Citrulline has been shown to enhance peripheral blood flow and enhance anaerobic performance.


With high levels of Glycerol, hydromax acts as a super compensatory hydration product with high hygroscopic activity, essentially pulling fluid into the bloodstream and muscle tissue for extreme hydration and pumps.


Nitrosigine helps elevate blood flow and is linked to causing extreme muscle pumps.

Beta Vulgaris

With high levels of naturally occurring nitrates, Beta Vulgaris works by supporting heightened levels of nitric oxide production.

Coconut Water

Coconuts are naturally loaded with essential electrolytes, with coconut extract aiding in hydration for improved performance.

Final Thoughts

For a complete hypertrophic response, the muscle needs to be stressed both mechanically and metabolically.

Supplementing with Kraken Pump helps support strength and performance while also inducing intense muscle pumps.


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