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Sparta Nutrition Keto Pre Extreme


  • The only pre workout someone utilising the keto diet should be using
  • 6g BHB salts packed into an already loaded performance pre workout formula


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6g of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts

As mentioned above, BHB Salts are the "primer" to this ketogenic pre-workout. By including 6g of BHB Salts, Keto Pre Extreme is able to put your body in the state of nutritional ketosis to help accelerate fat burning while you train. BHB Salts also provide energy for the body and mind, giving you a cognitive boost to dominate your workout.

3g of L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is potent Nitric Oxide booster that helps blood vessels relax for better blood flow. Citrulline supplemented orally in humans has been shown to double plasma arginine levels, thus making L-Citrulline more potent at increasing arginine levels than arginine itself.

Improved blood flow to skeletal muscle has tons of benefits, including:

- Better muscle pumps

- Stronger muscle contractions

- Improved muscular endurance

- Better nutrient delivery to muscle cells for enhanced recovery

Citrulline supplementation has also shown to increase muscular efficiency, via an increase in ATP efficiency. That same study showed an increase in force output by 23% due to this increase in ATP efficiency! Citrulline can also help you build muscle. Although not an mTOR activator like Leucine, Citrulline has been shown to restore protein synthesis rates and muscular function.

600mg of Alpha-GPC 50%

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic ingredient designed to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain. An increase in Acetylcholine has been shown to significantly improve memory recall and cognitive focus. The increase in cognitive focus from Alpha GPC is what drives the "mind-muscle" connection that users rave about.

Alpha GPC also is more potent at increasing Acetylcholine levels than CDP-Choline. When keeping the end amount of choline the same, Alpha-GPC requires 46% the dose of CDP-choline. To further show Alpha GPC’s superiority, the same doses of both ingredients result in the group given Alpha-GPC experiencing a greater increase in choline.  

200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous

It's no secret: Caffeine is an immensely popular pre-workout ingredient. It helps improve alertnessand focus, and is fairly well tolerated. However, many pre-workouts rely too much on the use of caffeine and use dangerous dosages. Keto Pre Extreme relies on synergy with other ingredients to give you the neural drive you need to dominate, but only 200mg of caffeine per serving.

Caffeine has also been shown to increase overall work volume and also submaximal power output (Power output in the 6-12 rep range). Caffeine supplementation also helps anaerobic cardiovascular ability, shown in one study when sprinters were able to increase their intermittent sprinting times.


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