Xtend Ripped - BCAAs & Amino Acids Xtend Ripped - BCAAs & Amino Acids
Xtend Ripped - BCAAs & Amino Acids
Xtend Ripped - BCAAs & Amino Acids

BCAAs & Amino Acids

Xtend Ripped


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Brand : Scivation

When the worlds #1 selling BCAA releases a new version, you have to get excited! And this product from Scivation, Xtend Ripped is no disappointment.

  • Reduce Muscle Loss
  • Enhance Recovery
  • Burn More Fat

Scivation Xtend Ripped is a stimulant free, Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement with added lipolytic agents to enhance fat loss while ensuring muscle tissue is supported during a caloric deficit as well.

Having been clinically proven to prevent less muscle loss during phases of caloric restriction already, it makes perfect sense for Scivation to release this product to not only enhance muscle but also enhance fat loss simultaneously.

Designed to liberate more fatty acids, reduce perceived pain during exercise and to enhance fatty acid utilisation during exercise, Scivation Xtend Ripped will become both your best asset and your best defence mechanism all in one bottle.

Pinnacle's Perception

A BCAA product like no other, we bring to you Scivation Xtend Ripped. This product is one that aims at building muscle as well as tragetting those stubborn fat cells. It does this by giving you 7g of BCAAs per serve and a thermogenic combination of CapsiMax and L-Carnitine for the optimal fat burning effect. This product is aimed at anyone who is looking to burn fat whilst maintaining as much muscle mass as possible and those who want to minimize their daily caffiene intake that your average fat burner may increase.

Xtend Ripped


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