Fireball Fat Burner By Red Dragon Product Review

Fireball Fat Burner By Red Dragon Product Review

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One of the most anticipated products of the year has finally launched (October 19') and that is Red Dragon Nutraceuticals Fat Burner "Fireball". 

Red Dragon have been bringing the fire "literally" with their premium pre workout Dragons Breath which has been insanely popular with the Australian market and one of pre workouts with the most repeat purchases across our pre workout range. 

They now carry that momentum into their new thermogenic fat burner Fireball. Below we are going to dive into the flavours, formula, effects & price of the all NEW fireball fat burner by red dragon nutraceuticals. 

We love this Australian company and their amazing formulas, we can't wait to continue to see them light up the sports supplement game ! 


Red Dragon Fireball Fat Burner Pinnacle Performance



Just like their pre workout, red dragon have delivered 4 delicious flavours in their thermogenic. We are going to list them below in order of our favourite to least favourite flavour. 

1. Red Frogs

Unparalleled the best flavour, tastes just like red frogs without a super overpowering candy flavour ! Our #1 favourite 

2. Pineapple

They nailed the pineapple flavour of dragons breath and we rated that a 10/10 so to my understanding they have just carried the same flavour blend across to fireball and it has maintained it's amazing taste 

3. Passionfruit 

Not a lot of passion fruit flavoured products on the market so it was definitely a refreshing change if you love fruit flavours with a light sour taste then this is for you ! 

4. Raspberry Slushie

Not bad by any means but it's a tough line up considering the red frogs and pineapple are so good ! 



Fireball Fat Burner By Red Dragon Product Review

Just like their pre workout and many other fat burners on the market it is broken down into a 30/60 serving size tub depending on whether you are using 1 or 2 scoops per serving. 

Personally it is Pinnacle Performance's recommendation that you use this product twice a day to get the most of the fireball fat burner.

- 1 scoop upon waking 

- 1 scoop around the mid-day mark 


Carnitine Lipolysis Blend 

Goal of this blend: Increase Utilisation Of Body Fat For Energy While Training

Here we see a blend of Acetyl L carnitine & L Carnitine Tartrate in a 2g combined serve. This combination of ingredients will support increased uptake and oxidation of fatty acids to support fat burning. 

It is combined with a personal favourite ingredient of mine GBBGO a patented form of Lean GBB a precursor to carnitine. This ingredient will allow your body to naturally produce more l carnitine to increase the lipolytic effect l carnitine has. The reason this is effective is it means we aren't excreting excess l carnitine when taking it in it's pure form instead our body is naturally producing more comfortably. 

Thermogenic Blend 

Goal of this blend: Trigger thermogenisis of brown fat (another fat burning blend)

First of all in the human body there are two types of adipose tissue (body fat), WAT (White Adipose Tissue) and BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). WAT is the tissue that is responsible for storing the excess energy consumed through our diet. Whereas BAT is the tissue used for cold and diet-induced thermogenesis which plays a role in the bodys energy expenditure as well as body fat content.

The thermogenic blend utilises grain of paradise, synephrine and forskollin to activate thermogenisis in brown adipose tissue and utilise it when undergoing activity. All of these ingredients have shown positive thermogenic effects in humans vs. a placebo. 


Anti Oxidant + GDA Blend 

Goal of this blend: Control insulin spikes to increase fat oxidation potential 

This blend contains a really nicely dosed blend of yerba mate extract & banaba leaf extract designed to increase glucose transport and control insulin to maximise fat oxidation. 

Banaba leaf extract has actions in stimulating glucose transport into cells and can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Fluctuations in blood sugar are related to appetite and various food cravings for carbohydrates such as bread and sweets. 

Yerba mate acts similiar to banaba leaf extract by controlling insluin to minimise appetite spikes and also yields some naturally occurring energy boosting ingredients like caffeine and theobromine. 

Multi Stage Energy + Focus Blend 

Goal of this blend: Improve Energy & Focus 

Fireball provides a CLEAN, long lasting source of energy to get you through your day and/or workout. The blend utilises a number of ingredients to support energy & mental focus including green bean coffee extract standardised to (98%) caffeine which provides a much cleaner source of energy vs. regular caffeine anhydrous. 

Combined with the most popular nootropic ingredient available L-tyrosine to help improve mental focus and cognitive ability. 

An interesting but welcomed addition to this blend is the combination of ashwaganda & L-Theanine. This combination supports lowering of cortisol & reduce the anxiety effects of caffeine to ensure your stimulant high is clean, long lasting and has 0 crash ! 


Fireball thermogenic blend formula review


Red Dragon Fireball sits at the same price point as Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred & EHP Labs Oxyshred but contains a much more synergistic blend in my opinion at the price of $79.95. 

Price per serve = $1.3 



We would go as far as to say Red Dragon Nutraceuticals Fireball Thermogenic is one of the best current available fat burners on the Australian market.

The energy & focus is second to none and it is honestly really smooth and long lasting with no harsh crash that is definitely a stand out for this product. I personally would have loved to see the addition of cocoabuterol but outside of that it is a super well rounded well thought through formula. 

Flavours are absolutely on point and price point is standard to the current market. 

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