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Guide to safe pre workouts & fat burners for Australian Defence Force

It can be hard to know what is allowed and what is not allowed regarding supplements when serving in the ADF (Australian Defence Force). Below are some products that at the time of the blog displayed no banned substances when referencing the WADA Banned Substance List. All of these recommendations are to be taken with a grain of salt and to be consumed at your own risk. Reference with an on duty medical professional is recommended prior to utilising any sports supplements while serving in the ADF (Australian Defence Force). 

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All Australian military bases provide gyms to ensure their recruits stay healthy and active. It would be in your best interest to use these facilities to aid in your overall health & performance in your spare time. The below sports supplements will aid in training performance, weight loss, energy and recovery. 

These recommendations will also vary role to role within the ADF. As previously mentioned please refer to a medical professional on site prior to consuming any sports supplement.

 * References made from WADA Banned Substance List 2017

Pre Workouts

1. Sparta Nutrition Kraken (Australian Formula)

Guide To Safe Pre Workouts & Fat Burners For Australian Defence Force

A hard hitting blend of stimulants, nootropics and pump ingredients. Rated one of Pinnacle Performance's top pre workouts and a must have in your arsenal of hard hitting pre workouts. 

Ensure you are getting the Australian formula from pinnacle performance performance to ensure it is DMHA free

The powerhouse blend of patented and clinically dosed ingredients will have you bouncing, focused and ready to crush your workout / PT. Sparta Nutritions kraken pre workout is a top tier pre workout we were super stoked when we saw it could be a pre workout worth considering for those in the australian defence force. 

2. Redcon 1 Total War (Australian Formula) 

australian navy safe pre workout

It seemed only fitting to add redcon 1 total war to the blog considering the heavy affiliation between the company and the American military (and obviously the packaging) and now the Australian Defence Force will have access to the product now too ! 

Infamous for the super high stimulant formula if you have yet to ride the total war wave it is a must on the to do list. 

An absurd amount of amazing flavours to choose from so you never get sick of the same flavour and we can guarantee you will never get sick of the energy and focus that Redcon 1 total war provides. 


3. ATP Science Infared  

ATP Science Infared Pre workout adf safeA non stimulant option would of course be ATP Infared.A blend of carbohydrates, BCAAs, Beta Alanine, electrolytes to maximise your performance potential in every workout. 

100% natural ingredients and flavours. Formulated by Australias best naturopath company ATP Science. 

Fantastic for running, crossfit, swimming or any performance specific training in general. 

Stacks great with Primaforce Caffeine if you are looking for that extra kick. 


Fat Burners

1. Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred

(Australian Formula)

Guide To Safe Pre Workouts & Fat Burners For Australian Defence Force


A very potent fat burner to provide a boost in energy and up-regulate the metabolism to efficiently help the body access and burner body fat. 

60 serves provides amazing value for money and amazing results when it comes to weight loss. 

Definitely one to pick up if you are looking to cut weight for your fitness test or to support your weight loss orientated goal when serving in the Defence Force. 


2. International Protein Carni Strip

Carnistrip navy approved


International protein provides a great non stimulant option for a potent fat burner. The great thing about International Proteins products is that you are covered by the company themselves if there is ever a problem with any banned substances appearing when using their products. 

International Protein carnistrip provides huge doses of l carnitine to enhance mental focus and clarity and most importantly burn bod fat through allowing the body to easier access and utilise fat as a source of energy 


ATP Science coming through with the goods on this formulation with a mix of performance enhancing and weight loss orientated ingredients to maximise every ounce of effort you are putting into each session. 

Once again ATP being a naturopath company it is safe to say you wont find any nasty surprises in their formula. 

The blend of oils provides an array of beenfit ranging from increased oxygen uptake to working muscles and increased fatty acid oxididation. 



Ensure you are always making reference with the WADA Banned substance list and comparing it to the specific product you are looking for. 

If you want to be confident with your purchases please contact us directly.

USE CODE "defenceforce" for 10% off all your purchases. 



Regarding all other supplements e.g. Test boosters, BCAAs, Creatines etc. 

please feel free to contact us directly at 

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