Top 3 Best High Stimulant Pre Workouts

Top 3 Best High Stimulant Pre Workouts


Top 3 Pre Workouts

on the Australian Market 

The below blog post is a breakdown on pinnacle's thoughts of the top 5 pre workouts currently available to the Australian market. There is such a large range of pre workout products in the land down under so it's no surprise selecting your next pre workout can be quite overwhelming. 

The below pre workouts range from some brand new high stimulant pres to hit the shelves vs some O.G hard hitters. 


1. Sparta Nutrition KRAKEN BLACK  

Top pre workout kraken black extreme pre workoutTop pre workout kraken black extreme pre workout panel


Sparta Nutrition really hit the nail on the head with this one and pinnacle performance couldn't wait to get this one on the shelves. 

Loaded with an absolute powerhouse formula leaving nothing off the cards. We are going to pick our 3 favourite ingredients to make notes on:

 Caffeine- 350mg 

This is a dose not for the faint of hear, much higher then their other series kraken pre workout . Personally i found this serve to give an amazing "shot out of a canoon" type feeling without the same come down. Caffeine is going to aid in improving energy, mental focus and performance.

  B-Phenethylamine HCL (PEA)- 300mg

An ingredient with a massive name but even bigger effects on mood enhancement and cognitive focus. 300mg is a mega dose of this ingredient and it was easily what i felt hit me the hardest! The mood enhancing effects are undeniable you feel absolutely amazing the entire workout, i literally had to be dragged from the gym. 

Hydromax Glycerol Powder (65%) - 2g

One of the most sought after pump ingredients in the top pre workouts on the market currently. Hydromax increases nitric oxide to improve nutrient delivery to working muscles, muscular endurance and PUMPS ! All factors to aid in performance of your workout. 

Stacks Amazing With Kraken Pump

Kraken Pump Review

2. Myoblox LOCO   

Loco Pre Workout ReviewLoco Pre workout review


Now in store and online at pinnacle performance this bad boy formulated by the man himself The Guerilla Chemist. We are loving this product and the rest of the Myoblox range, shout out to Skywalk the best dang nootropic ever. 

 Beta Alanine- 5g

Excuse me.. yes you have read that right a whopping 5000mg serve of beta alaine, muscular endurance and TINGLES are on another level. A crazy dose with even crazier effects

Glycerol Monostearate -2g

A pleasant serve of glycerol to provide those juicy pumps everyone is chasing during their workout. Increase nutrient delivery and improve recovery time  

"Magic Matrix" 

Myoblox has chosen not to disclose the exact dosages of its primary stimulant blend, i can honestly say from experiencing the product they didn't take any short cuts in formulation. Such a euphoric energy that you have to try to experience 


3. Redcon 1 Total War    

Top pre workout redcon 1 total war reviewTop pre workout kraken black extreme pre workout


Pre workout of the year for 2017 as voted by the Australian public redcon 1 total war is a bad @#$ high stimulant pre workout. A must have in your arsenal of big kick pres. 

The extensive flavour ranger makes it easy to never get sick of the product as you can rotate through flavours like crazy. 


 Caffeine Anhydrous + Infinergy (350mg total) 

Similar caffeine content to another favourite KRAKEN BLACK so from an energy point of view very similiar. HUUUGE kick and dialed in focus for the entire workout. 

L-Citrulline Di Mallate- 6g

Redcon 1 opted with the massive serve of L-Citrulline for part of its pump matrix. L-Citrulline is one of the more common nitric oxide boosters we see in pre workouts but of course redcon 1 had to ball out with a massive 6g pre serve. Definitely optimal for great pumps.



Top 3 Best High Stimulant Pre Workouts

 We are beyond excited to see what the team at Inspired can do with this powerhouse product ! 

The team at Pinnacle Performance will be shoving to the front of the line to get this to market ASAP. 

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