How good are protein balls? Here's Some Info

How good are protein balls? Here’s Some Info

Protein balls have quickly become a popularised snack for many individuals throughout Australia. An important note to take is for something to be advertised as a "protein" product in Australia the protein content only has to be 5g. You know what else has 5g of protein? A cadbury boost chocolate bar. Now this isn't taking anything away from protein balls but it is just showing the looseness surrounding what it takes to label something with the word "protein". 

Many protein balls contain quite a few calories for something that only holds such a small volume meaning they are calorie dense and may not leave you feeling very satiated. 

For example a popular brand of protein ball found at many mainstream cafes & super markets that consisted of a blend of 

Dates, nuts, oils, plant protein and more (great healthy foods) although the macros for something like this was 

9g Protein

9g Fat

15g Carbohydrates 




 another "low carb" protein ball from a mainstream franchise contained the macros 

9g protein 

5g carb 

20g fats



both of these only averaging a weight around 40g. 



Keep in mind this blog isn't demonising protein balls although the goal is to make people understand there is many much more macro friendly, volume friendly (if you are dieting) and way way more cost effective options. 

Most protein balls cost around $3-4 each for around 9g protein. 

I would recommend looking into options such as 

- Canned tuna (22g protein / $2)

-Hard Boiled Egg Whites (8g Protein / $4 a dozen)

-Chobani Yoghurt (chobani fit) (11g Protein / $2)

-Whey protein (30g Protein / Less then $2 a serve) Rule 1 Protein



Protein balls can be great snacks, just be aware of your recipe or the product you are buying, awareness is the key to progression in any diet. 

Knowing what you are fueling your body with and understanding any alternatives or the purpose to using those specific foods.

Protein balls provide outstanding convenience and can be made to fit any diet when accounted for and if you are making your own it would definitely be worth calculating or finding out the macros for your recipe 

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