Altered state by JD NUTRACEUTICALS is a new and amazing hard hitting pre workout that has been added to the pinnacle family. Not only does Altered State enhance your cognitive capabilities, but it is also jam packed with amazing ingredients that will push your limits both physically and mentally to the next level without any negative comedown, side effects or crash. 

Why take this product?

If you are someone who loves getting into the gym and pushing your body to the next level, than this pre is for you. Whether you are wanting to exceed your limits by performing heavier lifts, longer endurance or you just need a a hit of something hard to get you through your gym session after a long day at work, Altered state will get you there and beyond. 

Who this product is good for? 

Altered state is a product that can be used by many different people and various training types. Whether you are training inside a gym, doing beach training or playing sport, Altered state will be beneficial. As Altered State is a hard hitting pre workout, we recommend that you take this if you are an avid pre workout user. 

JD NUTRACEUTICALS has created altered state to be sports approved for anyone who competes where testing may be used. 


Altered state currently comes in two flavours; Grape Explosion and Wild Raspberry. As far as taste goes, both these flavours are delicious. 


Altered State comes in a 30 serve tub, jam packed at 16g per serve for a cost of $69.95. Do not exceed 1 scoop per day. 

Pinnacle review!

In my opinion, as far as Altered State goes as a pre workout, it is by far one of the best products that we have in stock and a crowd favourite around the pinnacle team. The dosage itself comes jam packed with a amazing ingredients profile that have never left any of us sluggish or ruined after a workout. It is a product that I personally love and will continue to use throughout my sessions. I have used Altered State both inside the gym and outside of the gym through various sports games and have never had any negative issues or effects come from it.

Another benefit of Altered State is the two amazing flavours that it comes in. It is rare to fine an amazing product that not only gives good clean energy and pumps, but also tastes super good too. Now in my honest opinion, Altered State isn't for people who are only new to pre workout. It is that highly dosed and strong that we recommended that you are an avid pre workout user who has built a tolerance to strength pre workout supplements. 


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