Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

The topic of fat burners, and which one is going to give you the most value for money and going to do what you want it to, is one that's been hotly contested here at Pinnacle so we've decided to create a short list.

In no particular order the Top 5 Fat Burners here at Pinnacle Performance & Nutrition.

 Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

With its unique blend featuring 6 types of caffiene, along with ingredients such as Grains of Paradise, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Banaba Leaf, L-Carnitine-LTartrate. This thermogenic is one that you'll want to add to your current supplement stack, whether your goal is to burn fat, tone your physique, reduce your appetite or increase your energy levels then this is the product for you. 

It also comes in 6 delicious fruity flavours of Mango Nectar, Kiwi Strawberry, Dragonfruit, Honeydew Melon, Pineapple and Guava packed into a 60 serve tub.

Find out more: Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred

EHPLabs OxyShred

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

Another top product in our store is also the well known EHPLabs OxyShred, with key ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Acetyl L-Carnitine its going to increase energy & metabolism, enhance your mood and kill your cravings. It comes in 7 flavours and is definitely another one to check out if you're in the market for a fat burner.

Find out more: EHPLabs OxyShred

Power Performance Body Effects

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

Body Effects is a fat burning, appetite suppressing, mood enhancing, energy boosting supplement that is targeted towards both men and women with key ingredients such as CLA and 8g of Fibre, you can see why this has been one of the top contenders in the thermogenic market for such a long time. 

It comes in 9 mouth watering flavours that definitely won't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Find out more: Power Performance Body Effects

JD Nutraceuticals Thermomelt

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

Thermomelt is a high quality thermogenic that has been developed to not only do everything that you look for in a fat burner, but the guys at JD Nutraceuticals have also thought about your performance whilst you train, including ingredients aimed at creating a laser like focus, and enhance your energy levels, as well as Grape Seed Extract which is an anti-oxidant and inflammatory, both of which are essential for recovery and fat loss during training.

Each tub comes with 30 clinically dosed servings in 5 delicious flavours.

Find out more: JD Nutraceuticals Thermomelt

MuscleNation Destiny (Coming Soon)

Top 5 Fat Burners in 2019

One of the most anticipated products of 2019, Muscle Nation's Destiny is full of efficasiously and effectively dosed ingredients such as KSM-66® Ashwagandha, AlphaSize® Alpha GPC, Caspimax® just to name a few. They have developed a supplement that definitely should added to the list of supplements that you look at buying this year.

It comes in 4 mouth watering flavours of Strawberry Candy, Peach Sunrise, Rainbow Sherbet and Bubblegum Grape.

Find out more or Pre-order now: MuscleNation Destiny

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