‘Merica Labz F-Bomb & F’n Pump’d: Product Breakdown

‘Merica Labz F-Bomb & F’n Pump’d: Product Breakdown

The 2 newest products to hit the shelves at Pinnacle are the highly anticipated Stim & Stim Free Pre-workouts by ‘Merica Labz. It’s not often that we get new products these days that we just cant wait to try but these 2 are the exception. Let’s first take a look at F-Bomb and what makes it so special?

’Merica Labz F-Bomb

If you ever needed a pick me up or something to help you hit those PBS when it feels like nothing else will get the job done then this is the product for you, this pre workout will not only pick you up but it’ll throw you across the room in doing so. 

In 1 single serve (15.5g) scoop you’ll get:

-6400mg of Beta Alanine

-1500mg of Nitrosogine

-100mg L-Tyrosine

-400mg Caffeine Anyhdrous

-300mg Alpha-GPC

-250mg FitNox a plant based NO booster

-100mg Dicaffeine Malate

-100mg CognatiQ

-100mg Theobromine

-30mg Synephrine HCL

-10mg Huperzia serrata Extract (1% Huperzine A)

Overall, this is a truly explosive pre workout filled with ingredients that are made to give you a massive energy burst for only the hardest of workouts.

’Merica Labz F’n Pump’d

If you’re a late night gym goer or looking to take a break from stimulants then this pre workout might be more your style. Filled to the bream with only the finest Nitric oxide ingredients aimed at getting your arms to look like a “NYC subway map”.

In a single serve (21g) scoop you’ll find:

-8000mg L-Cirtulline Malate

-3200mg of Beta Alanine

-2500mg Arginine Nitrate

-200mg HydroPrime

-1000mg L-Tyrosine

-250mg L-Norvaline

-250mg Pine Bark Extract

Flavours you must try:

-Cat Scratch Fever

-F Your Feelings

-Fruit Cocktail

-Upside Down Pinepple

Our Final Thoughts

Our standards were high when we first heard of a new preworkout by ‘Merica Labz and to say it lived up to them would be an understatement. This is a not a pre that should be taken lightly, take with caution for the days where you aren’t leaving the gym without hitting a PB and of course one that’s not too close to bed time. Our favourite flavour would have to be the “F Your Feelings” stacked together for the ultimate in pre workout supplementation.

In conclusion, whether you’re stacking these or having them on their own you won’t be disappointed. ‘Merica Labz have really hit the nail on the head launching these 2 pre workouts, for those looking to take their training to the next level F-Bomb & F’n Pump’d are for you.

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