Pinnacle's Top Rated Pre Workouts Of 2020

Pinnacle's Top Rated Pre Workouts Of 2020

Top 5 Pre-workouts in the Australian Market, 2021

According to pinnacle's thought, we have a vast availability of pre-workouts in the Australian Market, whereas these are the top five pre-workouts available.

These pre-workouts are easy to find at pinnacle performance and nutrition. In addition to all the benefits these pre-workouts provide, we will discuss them one by one, and these are easy to use and carry by fitness and health-conscious people.

  • What are pre-workouts?

Pre-workouts are energy-boosting products that are used before a workout session to perform better during a gym session. Majorly, these are fine powders to mix in water and take a right before a gym session. Majorly they have ingredients like Caffeine, beta-alanine, Creatinine, or different sorts of amino acids to give the needed push for a powerful gym session. Some very famous pre-workouts are Disorder by Fraction lab, Dragons breath black by Red Dragon Nutritionals, DVST8  by Inspired Nutraceuticals, Total war by Redcon1, and  Altered state by JD Nutraceuticals.


  • Dragons Breath Black:

Dragon Breath Black is a balanced formula for a few useful vitamins and Caffeine to give a kick to start your day fresh and provide you with dense energy to have a powerful day at the gym. Due to this formula, Dragon Breathe Black provides you with many benefits like weight/fat loss, improves focus and mental health, and last but most importantly, it provides you the strength to give your best during your gum sessions. Dragon Breath Black is suitable for people on a low-carb diet as this formula is low in carbohydrates, sugars, and fat. Dragon Breath Black does not provide you with crash caffeine. Dragon Breath Black increases dopamine levels in the body to make you feel relaxed and positive during the workout session. Dragon Breath Black is also known to decrease the appetite and increase blood flow and overall brain functioning.

  • DVST8 BBD:

DVST8 BBD is considered to be one of the most strength offering pre-workouts present days.  DVST8 BBD serves 375mg of Caffeine each scoop. DVST8 BBD contains English walnut, which provides extra strength and power for working out. DVST8 BBD provides cell volumisation, muscle pumps, and amplified workout ability. DVST8 BBD is considered one of the best in the market, which provides mental focus and helps to train hard. Each 15g serving contains a well-rounded blend of stimulants, nootropics, and pump ingredients.

DVST8 BBD comes in different and unique flavors that do not let the user get bored from using this product. The names of the flavors are as unique as the taste of this product. Concord candy has the flavor of grapes, northern lights with you the goodness of raspberry slushie, Laguana sunrise gives you a fruity punch of Pineapple, orange, and mango, candy cloud give you the softness and sweetness of cotton candy and last but not least black nebula gives you the shocking taste of apple blackcurrant.

  • Disorder Pre-Workout:

Each scoop of Disorder Pre-Workout has 450mg caffeine will help you train harder by boosting the energy levels, and L-Citrulline Malate 6grams along with 3.2 grams Beta-Alanine will promotes power and muscle strength, including long term muscle growth.   Caffeine provides peaks of energy, whereas L-Citrulline Malate also improves mental health and increases endurance. 120mg of Cocoabuterol, which is a thermogenic compound, also helps in boosting energy and mood. 240mg of Alpha GPC also plays an important function by helping with mental focus and cognitive function. 30mg of Synephrine is also an ingredient that helps burn fat to keep lean muscle mass. 120mg of Mucuna Pruriens Extract, which will help to boost energy and focus simultaneously.


The disorder also comes in different flavors that help users use it longer without getting bored by this product. Pinnacle performance and nutrition has these available in the following flavors:

  • Blue Pearl- Candy Bomb
  • White Snow - Vanilla Cola
  • Yellow Fever - Yellow Pine Lime
  • Red Russian - Red Raspberry
  • Green Haze - Passionfruit
  • Orange Firm- Tasty Orange Mango
  • Black Fire- Juicy Grape
  • Purple Reign - Watermelon


  • Total war:

Total war provides you with Caffeine, Citrulline malate, and beta-alanine that help you gain strength for a hard workout, keep your mind focused, and provides you the energy that will help you gain muscle strength and power. Agmatine sulphate, juniper, green tea extract, naringin, and theobroma are the unique ingredients used to give you a hard kick of energy right before your workout.

Every user should keep in mind to check the tolerance level by using half a scoop before the training session. Once you get used to the product, one can use one scoop but never exceed this dose in a day (24 hours). Total war can be used just by adults (18 years and older) so keep it away from children.


  • Altered state

JD nutraceuticals launched Altered state in 2020, which became a hit because of the unique ingredients that help in mental focus and endurance. Altered state tolerance level should be checked by taking one scoop a day, and then one can move to 2 scoops a day but not more than this. The altered state provides a kick of energy because it contains a unique combination of Caffeine Anhydrous, English Walnut Extract, Hordenine, Pteronstilbene, and Indian Snakeroot. Combining these ingredients provides one with excess energy to hit the gym a little too hard. Beta-Alanine provides power and endurance, whereas citrulline-malate provides muscle pump. Mental focus is very important during a gym session, so to elevate that, Alpha GPC, Velvet Bean, Huperzine A, and Tyrosine are added.





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