Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Here at Pinnacle we've come up with a list of our Top 5 Glute Building exercises that are going to help target your booty and maximise your lower body workouts!


Exercise 1: Squats

Although it may seem obvious, this is a key exercise that will not only target and build your glutes, it is essential in building and developing all of your lower body muscles. The best way to develop your glutes in particular by doing squats is to look at squat variations, gone are the days of just doing heavy back squats and that's all. If you really want to target your glutes you need to switch it up, back squats, front squats, goblet squats, kneeling squats, zercher squats etc. The best way to then take these to another level to really feel the burn would be to add Pinnacle Hip Circles/ Booty Bands, placed above or below the knee for optimal glute activation.

 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Exercise 2: Knee-Banded Barbell Glute Bridge

Another exercise that we recommend here at Pinnacle is the Knee-Banded Barbell Glute Bridge, although we've put this exercise second on the list, it is definitely another exercise that would be key to developing and building a stronger booty.

Key tips for performing the perfect glute bridge are: 

- Place the barbell above your pubic bone, with a bar pad placed around the bar the prevent any discomfort

- Keep your chin tucked and flatten your lower back against the floor at the start of each rep.

- Lift your toes and push your heels through the floor as your knees push against the Pinnacle Hip Circles/Booty Bands extending your glutes towards the sky for ultimate glute activation.

 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Exercise 3: Hip Thrust

The king of all glute exercises that will aim to build your glutes like no other, one that opens up your hip flexors and activates your glutes and core muscles. Whether it be the barbell, dumbbell,single leg or banded variation this is an exercise for you if you want to improve the strength, size and appearance of your gluteal muscles.

 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Exercise 4: Rounded Back 45-degree Hyper Extensions

An all-round posterior chain builder which in our case is great for developing the glutes is the rounded back variation of the hyper-extension.

The key tips to performing this exercise are:

- With your feet slightly turned out and locked into the roman chair machine set at about hip height, you want to hinge at the hips down towards the ground as a starting position.

- Actively round your upper back and switch on your core muscles you are going to stay in this position as you extend through your hips only and squeeze your glutes as you push against the padding on the machine.

- Note: The range of motion compared to your usual back hyper-extension will be drastically decreased as you look to target your glute muscles only for as many reps as required.

 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Exercise 5: Hip Circle Quadruped Hip Extension

The final exercise is one glute burner finisher that we recommend adding to any lower body workout to really get the most out of your glutes and hit all areas of the gluteal muscles.

You'll need to grab yourself a set of Pinnacle Hip Circles/Booty Bands and here are some tips on how to perform the exercise to develop your glutes:

- Get set up on your hands and knees, with the hip circle place around your knees

- On the non-working leg lock the mini band in place be securely locking it under your knee, for the working leg place the band just above the knee.

- With your knee fixed at 90 degrees you want to extend your hips on the working side with your toes slightly rotated outwards at the top. Squeezing your glutes to minimize lower back involvement and focusing on creating that "burn" in the glutes. 

 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises

Try these glute exercises in conjunction with a structured exercise program to maximise your time in the gym and be able to build and shape your glutes how you want.


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 Top 5 Glute Building Exercises


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