Fit Tool Kit and Body Callipers
Vantage Fit Tool Kit Monitor your fitness goals and measure progress—with the Fit Tool Kit by Vantage Strength! Millimeter-by-millimeter, the body fat calipers, a body tape measure and a user guide help you to get a true read on your health....
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Vantage Dip Belt
Vantage Strength Dip Belts are constructed from a strong, lightweight neoprene that provides great comfort for heavy lifting. Complete with chain and snap hook to attach weight plates safely, allowing you to dip beyond your bodyweight. Key Features Constructed from...
Vantage Knee Wraps
Knee Wraps by Vantage Strength! Joints are a weakness for every athlete attempting heavy lifts, but they don't have to be! Mitigate your weaknesses and face your fears with these high quality knee wraps by Vantage Strength. Made with a...
Vantage Neoprene Knee Sleeves
Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves are the ultimate in performance, support, and knee protection. Made from 5mm premium grade Neoprene and reinforced with Four-thread Ultra-stretch stitching. Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves provide maximum joint support, protection, compression, and warmth, whilst allowing flexibility...
Vantage Strength Arm Blaster
The Vantage Strength Arm Blaster is an adaptation of an old-school weightlifting classic. Made from 5mm laser-cut hardened aluminium, this simple accessory is designed to be worn around the neck when performing biceps curls. The Arm Blaster promotes proper form,...
Vantage Strength Barbell Pad
No more bruised hips and sore shoulders...Made from premium grade high-density foam with an ergonomic design, the Vantage Strength Barbell Pad is ideal for Hip Thrusts and Squats. The Vantage Strength Barbell Pad will fit firmly on any barbell and...
Vantage Strength Double Loop Lifting Straps
Strong Synthetic Webbing Neoprene Padded Inserts Double Looped Is your grip holding your deadlift back? Can’t quite squeeze out that last rep on lat pulldowns? Check out the Vantage Strength Double Loop Lifting Straps to assist with your grip. The...
Vantage Strength Leather Weight Lifting Belt - Black
 Support your back with the Vantage Strength Weight Lifting Belt. Made from premium leather for long lasting comfort and performance. If you're doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc, a good strong weight lifting belt is essential for maintaining correct posture...
Vantage Strength Lifting Liquid Chalk
Vantage Strength Liquid Chalk is perfect for serious lifters or beginners wanting that extra grip, to help you on those critical last reps where gains are truly made. Liquid chalk is easily stored in your bag or can be clipped...
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