Shoulder Destruction

Exercise Reps Sets Rest 30

Shoulder machine press

20 Reps

3 Sets

90 second rest

Start your workout by warming your up your shoulders. Once rotator cuffs have been warmed up start your workout by completing 3 sets of machine shoulder press at 20 reps per set.

Seated smith machine shoulder press


10, 8, 6, failure reps

4 sets

90 second rest

In exercise 2 of this shoulder workout you will perform a heavy seated smith machine shoulder press, increasing the weight every set until set 4 where you will drop your weight to the starting weight and perform reps until failure.

Dumbbell side raises

Super Set

Weight plate front raise

Super Set

Dumbbell lateral raise




60 reps




5 sets

3 minute rest  

In this triple set you will be demolishing your delts. You want them to burn like crazy! Start your set by performing 20 dumbbell side raises at a partial range of motion. Don't go to full extension, we want to keep tension on the delt. Super set this straight into 20 weight plate front raises, you don't need a heavy weight, just focus on the squeeze. Finally perform 20 lateral raises, making sure to not swing your back.

Rear delt flyes on pec dec  

25 reps

3 Sets

90 Seconds

In this exercise you will sit on the pec dec machine with your stomach against the pad. Grasp the handles pushing them back together as you contract your back and squeeze your shoulder blades. Hold this contraction for 2 second.

Rope face pulls

45 reps

3 sets

1 minute rest

Throughout this exercise you will be performing 2 drop sets. Adjust the handle so when you pull the rope its inline with the top of your nose. Complete 15 reps then drop the weight. Once you complete another 15 reps, drop the weight one more time and complete another 15 reps.

Upright row

12 reps

4 sets

1 minute rest

Before starting this exercise position your arms shoulder width apart on the ez curl bar. Row the bar up towards your nose and squeeze and hold for 2 seconds. Make sure you are not swinging your back and keep the tension on the shoulders.

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