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5% Nutrition 5150 High Stimulant Pre Workout

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5% 5150 High stimulant pre workout

Product Overview

Flavours: Green Apple, Passionfruit, Wildberry, Pomegranate

Servings: 30 Servings

Product Description

Rich Piana’s 5150 is a stim junkie’s dream pre-workout. These days, many have to take 2 – 3 scoops of a pre-workout just to meet their stimulant cravings, and they are still finding that their pre-workout isn’t living up to the 5%er lifestyle. If this is you, 5150 is exactly what you have been waiting so long for. 1 scoop and you’ll be ready to slap-box anyone!

Containing mega-dosed ingredients, 5150 gives you more than sheer energy than any other pre-workout on the market. It will give you frightening pumps and vascularity, focus so sharp it cuts like a knife.

Not to worry, even with all of the powerful ingredients packed into Rich Piana’s 5150, it still was formulated to have a great taste and mix like a dream, leaving the only nightmare the one the weights have as you tear through them.

Just like Rich Piana himself, 5150 stands tall and says “Welcome to my world. Now get the F*%k out!”


  • Precursor of L-arginine; Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Potent vasodilating effects for increased blood circulation and delivery of key nutrients to skeletal muscle
  • Accelerates ATP production translating to increased power and endurance



  • Amino acid with positive benefits on circulatory system
  • Shown to increase cognitive performance
  • Helps regulate core body temperature and may help reduce heat related issues
  • Acts as cell volumizer by drawing water into muscle cells
  • Predominantly stored in muscles, brain and heart tissue
  • May dramatically reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)



  • More bioavailable form of L-Tyrosine
  • Shown to increase mental alertness
  • Boosts overall mood and cognition
  • Increase production of noradrenaline & dopamine



  • Precursor to many neurotransmitters that are crucial for overall cognitive functions
  • Improve focus, cognition and memory



  • Naturally occurring alkaloid extracted from lotus seeds
  • Also known as Noroclaurine
  • Known as ‘weaker ephedrine’ without the negative sides associated
  • Beta 1 & 2 Agonist; Increases heart rate and adrenaline release 
  • Aids in mobilizing body fat for use of fuel



  • Pro andrenergic stimulant
  • Releases potent pre-exercise neurotransmitters in the body
  • Increases energy expenditure; functions as noradrenaline reuptake modulator



  • Mild sympathomimetic aent; acts as partial adrenergic binding agent
  • Shown to be 19% as effective as epinephrine in beta 2 activation
  • Effective as alpha receptor agonist; elevates body temperature



  • Also known as bitter orange extract
  • Known as a safe alternative to ephedra
  • Helps facilitate utilization of energy substrates
  • Helps stimulate metabolic processes and favors uptake of amino acids into muscle
  • May help suppress appetite
  • Stimulates fat loss and energy expenditure
  • Doesn’t increase heart rate or blood pressure



  • Potent CNS stimulant that antagonizes adenosine receptors
  • Enhances mental focus and energy
  • Increase cognition and reaction time
  • Contributes to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduces fat storage



  • Combination of caffeine and malic acid
  • Yields ~75% caffeine by volume compared to anhydrous
  • Provides smoother, sustained stimulatory effect



  • Derived from cacao seeds; structurally similar to caffeine
  • Exerts effects similar to caffeine; Known to have smoother, less intense effects



  • Member of the holly family; used to make teas
  • Combines polyphenols with caffeine for health benefits



  • Used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating skin conditions
  • Shown to have benefits in helping reduce symptoms of anxiety


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