Casein Custard Is The Sweet Tooth Dieters Dream

Casein Custard Is The Sweet Tooth Dieters Dream
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The ultimate guide to feeding those sweet cravings without the calories.


What is casein protein?

Milk has two types of protein that are worth mentioning. 80% of milk proteins are casein, while the other 20% are whey protein. Casein is a high-quality protein, and it carries essential amino acids that our body cannot produce, so it is important to outsource these amino acids. 

Benefits of casein protein:

Being a slow-digesting protein, it helps to boost muscle growth. Being a slow-digesting protein, it aids muscle recovery after gym sessions. Having a casein protein before bedtime can help to maintain the muscles of the body. Casein protein is very popular for bodybuilders and runners as it contains essential amino acids and provides them with muscular strength by helping them maintain their muscles.

Sources of casein protein:

Generally, casein is always taken through milk, but with the growing age and the fast world, one can have the casein as a liquid and a dessert that will help you get the same benefits but with better taste. These products can kill one's sweet tooth cravings without holding them back from achieving their health goals. To name a few, you can consider Red dragon protein mousse,  rule 1 casein protein and inspired casein custard, and a plant-based alternative for the non-vegetarian friends called white wolf protein custard.

Benefits of taking casein as desserts:

Many people want to take casein protein to achieve the health benefits but can't take it due to being lactose intolerant. Some people avoid all kinds of foods except plants based so they cannot have casein protein. These products help people take a dense dose of casein protein without taking a large amount of milk or milk products.

Taking these products provides you with casein protein, helps one maintain muscle strength, and kills the sweet cravings that disturb the health journey of a lot of people. It helps them eat healthy foods with good taste and huge health benefits. A few are Red dragon protein mousse,  rule 1 casein protein and inspired casein custard, and a plant-based alternative called white wolf protein custard. The benefits of few products are discussed in detail to give a crystal clear view of why taking casein from these products is more beneficial than taking it through milk or simple casein powders.

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Red dragon protein mousse:

Red dragon protein mousse is a healthy and delicious snack that one can enjoy easily, anywhere, and anytime without ruining the health journey. Red dragon protein mousse contains premium casein-based protein that has MCT and inulin prebiotic fiber for energy. Red dragon protein mousse destroys the snack urge during the health journey.

Red dragon protein mousse is the healthy version of regular mousse that provides guilt during the health journey. Still, Red dragon protein mousse gives a high dose of slow-releasing protein that will help maintain the muscle. It is low in calories and carbohydrates whereas high in protein makes it perfect for health-conscious people. Red dragon protein mousse is gut-friendly, no gluten treat that will support muscle recovery and repair.

Inspired Casein Custard:

Regular custards give you taste and kill your cravings with the guilt of killing your targets. In contrast, Inspired casein custard is a rich protein and taste treat that will not just accelerate muscle growth and recovery but will avoid the wastage of body muscle. Inspired casein custard can give you a dense dose of 25g of protein and kill carbohydrates craving by satisfying and controlling the user's appetite. Inspired casein custard comes in almost seven flavors that can make you choose from various flavors to let you savor the treat without getting bored with the same taste.

White wolf protein Custard:

White wolf protein custard is considered Australia's first custard with no dairy added, making it lactose-intolerant friendly. White wolf protein custard is extremely low in carbohydrates, so people with diabetes or a ketogenic diet can have it without fear. White wolf protein custard's extra creamy and smooth texture makes it guilt-free custard that can kill the carbohydrates cravings without added any gluten or dairy. It provides 100% natural sweetness and a high dose of casein protein to help maintain muscles growth and recovery.

Rule 1 casein protein:

What if you are not a fan of desserts? Even then, one can have a dense dose of casein protein by rule 1 casein protein. A single dose of rule 1 casein protein will give 25g slow-releasing protein to deliver essential amino acids for up to 8 hours. Rule 1 casein protein does not contain non-casein protein and helps to maintain muscle growth and repair. 

Bottom line:

Hence it is always better to go a little broadway while being on a health journey. Why drink boring, tasteless casein when you can have flavourful desserts like Red dragon protein mousse, rule 1 casein protein, inspired casein custard, and a plant-based alternative called white wolf protein custard that will benefit casein protein? Casein will digest slow which will help muscle recovery and strength, and in the form of these custards will kill the unnecessary cravings that can ruin the health journey.











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