Dragons Breath Pre Workout Review

Dragons Breath Pre Workout Review

Dragons Breath By Red Dragon Nutraceuticals is a moderate stimulant pre workout designed to improve workout performance, increase energy& mental focus.

It has been a popular product since initially formulated with both staff and customers at pinnacle. 

It definitely isn't a pre workout for any super high stim pre workout junkies, but sits at the perfect level for many individuals looking for a pre workout that sits well in the stomach especially in high intensity exercise but can still give you the energy and focus you are looking for to get the push you want in your workout 


The stimulant blend is well thought out to ensure there is no crash or intense jacking up of your heart rate by using naturally sourced caffeine at a reasonable (250mg) from green coffee bean and adding Teacrine & dynamine to provide a long lasting gradual increase of energy and i have found personally your stomach thanks you for it. 


Dragons Breath Pre Workout Review



Ingredient Breakdown (2 scoop serve) 


6g L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 – Dosed efficaciously, 6g of this non-protein amino acid will enhance Nitric Oxide levels, boosting blood flow – meaning both veins and muscles will be pumped full of blood in no time. One study has shown a 23% increase in force output, and another displayed an increase in participant’s reps per set, delayed fatigue, and a decrease in muscle soreness. The compound has also been shown to increase ATP production in exercise by up to 34%, meaning more energy to train for longer. 

3.2g Beta-Alanine – In its clinical dosage of 3.2g, Beta-Alanine will help improve muscular endurance, delaying muscular fatigue by producing carnosine. Studies have displayed a significant reduction in the rate of perceived exertion in exercise on subjects after being administered Beta-Alanine, meaning you can train harder for longer. A great serving couldn't expect more ! 

1g Betaine Anhydrous - .For pre-workout users looking for an added boost, Betaine Anhydrous has quickly become one of the most exciting ingredients due to a multitude of muscle-building benefits. These include Improved muscle endurance, strength, power, and force Increased natural production of human growth hormone and Enhanced muscle oxygen consumption. Ideally we would like to see a 2g dosage here as betaine is the only ingredient in here to support muscle power.

750mg L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine has been shown to improve mental performance under stressful conditions (such as weight training), as well as improving alertness following the loss of sleep, meaning mental focus and clarity to perform the way you need to, when you need to. 750mg is an adequate dosage of tyrosine there is definitely pre workouts with larger dosages but 750mg is definitely enough to get a great feeling of mental focus especially when combined with the hordenine HCL and caffeine. 

Multi Stage Energy Blend - Dragon's Breath will give you the long lasting
energy you need, through 250mg Caffeine, 200mg Teacrine and 100mg Dynamine, meaning no crash, and all day energy.


Dragons Breath Pre Workout Review


Why would i use this product & who is it best suited for ? 

If you are looking for a product to improve your ability to increase output in training (more work, more reps) while improving mental focus and energy but don't want something that will push you to the point of jitters and feelings of anxiousness. Not something id recommend for your high stim junkie who loves products like DVST8, altered state & total war.


When & How would you take it ?

Ideally 20-30minutes pre workout with abou300-400ml water. 


Looking For A Powerhouse Fat Burner? 

Check Out Our Review On Red Dragons Fat Burner Fireball 



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This is by far my favourite pre workout ! The pineapple flavour is the absolutely amazing

Super clean energy & pumps

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